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All irrigation systems have a testable backflow device. The new Minnesota plumbing code that went into effect on January 23, 2016 will effect ALL sprinkler systems in the state. If you are notified by your municipality about required backflow (pressure vacuum breaker) testing, we are licensed to provide this service. Please CLICK HERE to review a fact sheet from the State of Minnesota to find out your requirements and responsibilities of owning a backflow (pressure vacuum breaker) or an RPZ backflow preventor.

RPZ Testing Fee

$205.00* (All permits or city charges are additional)

Pressure Backflow Testing

$125.00* (All permits or city charges are additional)

*If testing fails and needs to be rebuilt, this will be done at a time and material basis.


BNR Irrigation Services, Inc. will be able to perform these tests for you, along with taking care of the necessary paperwork! We will make sure the proper municipality gets their paperwork and that you receive a copy for your personal records.

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